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Why hard water is bad (and how water softener can help)

There’s no better way to say it: Hard water is the pits. Not only does it make your hair and skin dry, it also wreaks havoc on tubs, tiles and sinks.


It’s no secret that Salt Lake City and the surrounding area has hard water. According to Salt Lake City Public Utilities, all five major water sources in the area have ppm (parts per million) ranging from 135-242, which Water Quality Association rates as “hard” and “very hard.”


Though hard water will not physically harm you (it’s mostly elevated levels of calcium and magnesium), it can do other damage.


It’s bad for your skin and hair

Soap and detergent has difficulty interacting with hard water. For soap, it can help leave a film on your skin that prevents it for being its normal, healthy self. As for hair, it can cause color to fade and make styling difficult.


It can destroy your laundry

Just like your hair, hard water can cause your clothing’s color or whiteness to fade. Not only that, calcium and magnesium deposits can stay in your clothing causing them to feel rough and less nimble. This build up makes it difficult to get your laundry truly clean.


It’s tough on your appliances, sinks and tiles

Those white deposits you see in your coffee maker or dishwasher can prevent them from working properly. Same goes for your water heater. These deposits can build up and affect water flow, causing the products to break down. For bathtubs and sinks, the mineral deposits could clog up the pipes or spout as well.


All of these issues can be corrected with a water softener system.


The benefits of water softener are plentiful. Not only will it help your skin and hair return to its healthy, natural glow, but everything from your clothing to piping will last longer. No more worrying about replacing your water heater or dishwasher in a few short years.


Don’t live with hard water anymore. Call us today for your Free home estimate and learn how water softener can change your life.

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