Snow can render personal driveways and pavements unusable. In the past, homeowners had to rely on labor-intensive and rudimentary techniques such as hot water and shoveling. Today, technology has made it easier to melt snow on personal driveways. This is by means of snow melt boiler systems.

Some homeowners and businesses prefer to keep their driveways and exterior concrete surfaces maintenance-free and safe throughout the year. This is achieved by installing snow melt boiler systems. These eliminate the need to engage in plowing, backbreaking shoveling, and icy spills which can potentially damage the concrete.

Instead of using laborious and inefficient techniques such as hot water, RPM Plumbing provides installation for snow melt boiler systems in Salt Lake City. We assemble the components to drive the heat from the heat source to the snow-melt areas. The choice of which boiler to install rests between the design itself and the customer’s specific needs. Selection of the boiler should be based on the consumer’s expectations about overall system performance, and budgetary guidelines.

Our first step before installation is to determine whether the needs of the system can be met with one or several boilers. This decision is also made with the help of the customer. If multiple boilers will be used,  the load can be split between two boilers to allow for load diversity, greater boiler efficiencies, and system redundancy in case of component failure.

Our aim is to create a highly efficient system. Although this may be an added expense, we may need to install a boiler with a heat exchanger for maximum efficiency. But over time this cost is well worth it given the energy-saving properties of an efficient snow melt boiler.