Water and drainage pipes are critical to every home or business. They are charged with carrying water out of the building into the city’s underground sewer system. Because of this crucial task, it is important that the entire drainage system work properly. From time to time, the system succumbs to damage or wear and tear. This results in leaking pipes, clogged drains, mold growth, and accidental cross-connections between drain water and drinking water which can post a serious health hazard.  These are issues that are common with old homes. To fix this, you need to repipe your water and drainage system.

Older homes are outfitted with galvanized steel or iron piping which often succumbs to corrosion after some time. This rust begins to deposit impurities into the water system. This can also cause the plumbing system to become clogged. when rust deposits build up inside. Furthermore, the metal can rust through causing major leaks which leak sewer or water into the home. Consequently, due to this corrosion and leaks, the plumbing system including the toilets begins to back up. 

This is why you need to schedule an appointment with RPM Plumbing to do water and rain repipes