RPM Plumbing provides custom home and high-end installations. Our cumulative expertise comes together to give residents of Salt Lake City high-quality home energy improvements.
Whether it’s performing high-end installations in just one room or the entire house, RPM Piping is up to the task. We understand that these types of projects can require dedication and time. We work with all types of customers, from families renovating their residential homes to real estate investors planning to rent out or flip a property. We ensure that every custom installation will bring maximum return on your investment.
If your home’s resale value is your main priority for undertaking the installation, we have your back. Many structural elements of the house had to be replaced both for the sake of habitability and resale, including custom installations. We can also replace all the electric and plumbing work to improve the resale value.
Need to redo your kitchen? Kitchens are one of the best places to totally transform your home. This includes installing custom cabinetry to help add your own flair. Additionally, we can add either modern or traditional installations with accessories such as stools
RPM Plumbing has provided plumbing systems on dozens of custom homes. From start to finish we provide teamwork and efficiency to meet your deadlines and exceed expectations. With our experience in high-end finish materials, you can trust us with your most elegant finishes.